American Conservative Union Strongly Opposes the Wasteful & Ineffective “Infrastructure and Jobs Act”

The American Conservative Union stands strongly against the dubiously titled “Infrastructure and Jobs Act”, a 2,702-page bill that wastes trillions of dollars, blows out the deficit, and includes countless provisions that have nothing to do with investing in American infrastructure. Our nation’s infrastructure is in dire need of repair, yet Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his leftist cronies have put forth legislation that leaves our roads and bridges to crumble while steering taxpayer resources to partisan special interests. Now is a time for honesty from our leadership and for all Senators to stand against this bill’s ridiculous allocation of government funding and flagrant disregard of how our government invests tax dollars. The American Conservative Union Foundation will be closely watching the Senate as this bill reaches its final vote and will be grading legislators accordingly for 2021’s ratings term.


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