Rewarding rioters

Ever wonder why the same faces seem to pop up night after night in violent riot footage? One reason may be that Joe Biden’s campaign staff bails them out after they’re arrested and then crows about it on social media.

For Biden, tolerating riots is par for the course.

In the spring of 1992, following the acquittal of a quartet of police officers who arrested and beat Rodney King, swaths of Los Angeles were engulfed in flames as violent rioting rocked the city. The horrific result of the uprising included 63 deaths, more than 2,300 injuries, and a number of communities up in flames.

By early summer, Congress legislatively dealt with the aftermath. The Democrat chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee expressed concern that emergency funds included in the supplemental appropriations bill would send a message that the federal government will reward looting, rioting, killing and burning. “It is extremely important that we communicate loud and clear that these actions will not be tolerated,” [s]he emphasized.

Joe Biden voted against a proposed amendment to “prohibit the use of federal funds to assist those arrested or convicted of riot-related crime.” On May 20, 1992 the well-supported amendment passed 68-28, but Joe Biden’s NO vote signaled his alignment with the most radical elements of his party.

In the 90s, Biden voted against prohibiting the use of federal funds to reward rioters. Today, he claims he does not condone rioting and looting, but his staff bailed out rioters who left Minneapolis in ruins.

In 2020, his campaign’s game plan is to harness destruction and violence in an attempt to bring Democrats back to power. Upon reflection, his record and gut check in moments of civil unrest is remarkably consistent: he’s consistently been radical and wrong.

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