A fully-armed, nuclear-capable Iran

This week, the United Nations will vote on a U.S. resolution calling for an extension of the arms embargo against Iran—the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. If the resolution fails, as many experts predict, President Trump’s administration will likely invoke “snapback sanctions,” which in turn would mark the end of the failed Obama/Biden Iran nuclear deal (the JCPOA).

In Biden’s America, Iran not only gets a pass—it gets a helping hand.

As Vice President, Biden backed the JCPOA that freed up $150 billion for Iran’s use in financing its terrorist activities.

His senate record on dealing with Iran is equally dangerous. In 2006, Biden voted against an amendment to the Defense Policy Act that called for Iran’s self-determination. The amendment called for imposing sanctions on foreign governments and companies that heavily invest in the country while Iran continues to move toward becoming a nuclear threat.

The record is clear. Joe Biden is soft on Iran and soft on Iran’s most powerful, strategic allies—Russia and China.

In Biden’s America, would the welcome mat be rolled out for our adversaries? The record speaks for itself.

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