“The battle lines are settled” – Statement from ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp on Joe Biden’s running mate

Alexandria, Va. — Shortly after former Vice President Joe Biden announced California Kamala Harris as his running mate, who earned ZERO delegates from Democrat voters during her own failed candidacy, ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp noted how it further signaled Biden’s commitment to the radical socialist takeover of the Democrat Party:

“California Kamala will be a tough sell in purple America. She has embraced and advocated for every wacky, destructive policy proposed by the far Left. If Joe Biden is an empty vessel of the Left, Kamala Harris is the fount of bad policies that are destructive to Americans’ day-to-day lives.”

“A Biden/Harris administration would do to America what’s already happened to California. We cannot stand by and let the freedoms that made America great be destroyed.”

“The battle lines are settled: It’s America v Socialism. Game on.”


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