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Center to Protect Elections

The Center to Protect Elections was established by the American Conservative Union Foundation in response to fallout from the 2020 Presidential Election and the culmination of a multi-year effort to weaken our system of elections.

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Tell Congress: Oppose H.R. 1!

Right now, Radical Leftists in Congress are pushing a bill to utterly demolish the foundations of our democracy, and it’s time for everyone to speak out! In the ironically named “For the People Act”, essential safeguards that states have for protecting the electoral process would be stripped away through federal mandate.

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Joe Biden: Radical & Wrong for 47 Years

Since Joe Biden is the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party and would have an outsized influence on what policies do prevail, it is worth looking at his 35-year history in the U.S. Senate, before he became Barack Obama’s vice president, to see where this country would be if we lived in America according to Joe Biden.


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ACU Foundation Releases Latest Scores of the South Dakota Legislature

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ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp joined Buck Sexton as the Capitol protests were underway....


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