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The Desecrators

In this powerfully provocative book, Matt Schlapp and Deal W. Hudson provide firsthand accounts of the Desecrators’ actions and intentions, including their remarkably angry and uncharitable treatment of President Donald Trump. The authors also describe how Catholics have been stifled for years because many bishops have failed to confront pro-abortion Catholic politicians. But fortunately, there is hope. As Hudson and Schlapp lay bare the Desecrators’ path of destruction, they also lay out a plan for the faithful to turn things around. Here is a vision to build up rather than tear down.



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“Our country is desperate for the kind of devotion to America’s founding principles that has become synonymous with Sarah’s reputation. We endorse Sarah because she is determined to govern Arkansas with a conservative philosophy and a commonsense agenda, including protecting Arkansans’ constitutional rights, thwarting the rise of socialism in Washington, and standing up for the people of her state.”

– CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp

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