What We Do

Founded in 1964, the American Conservative Union (ACU) is the oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization in the nation. For more than forty years, ACU has served as an umbrella organization harnessing the collective strength of conservative organizations fighting for Americans who are concerned with liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, and strong national defense. As America's premier conservative voice, ACU is the leading entity in providing conservative positions on issues to Congress, the Executive Branch, State Legislatures, the media, political candidates, and the public.  


Congressional Ratings: Since 1971, ACU's Congressional Ratings have become the gold standard in holding every member of Congress accountable for their voting record by scoring some of the most important issues facing our nation. As a result, the ACU Ratings of Congress has throughout its 41 editions included a wide variety of issues covering votes on taxes, wasteful government spending, cultural issues, defense and foreign policy.

State Ratings: Standing by voters around the nation, ACU is leading the way to encourage and help the next generation of conservative leaders, beginning at the state level. Last year ACU brought its commitment to conservative ideals to the states, by rating members in five legislatures. In 2013 ACU is on track to score 20 states, as part of its five-year plan to bring ratings to all 50 states -- scoring every legislature in every state, every year.

Education: The American Conservative Union Foundation, ACUF, a 501(c)(3) educational foundation, provides critical research and background information on issues helping fund various aspects of conservative education, including publishing the bi-monthly online magazine Conservative Battleline.


CPAC: Every year since 1973, ACU proudly hosts CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, the nation's largest gathering of conservatives. Taking place in Washington, D.C., each year and now in regions across the country, CPAC educates, brings together and energizes thousands of attendees and all of the leading conservative organizations and speakers who impact conservative thought in the nation. From Presidents of the United States to college students, CPACs have become the place to find our nation's current and future leaders and sets the conservative agenda each year.


ACU PAC: The American Conservative Union Political Action Committee, ACU PAC, endorses and supports candidates for office who reflect the conservative principles on which ACU was founded.